The Warlongers Family

Their three heads, the father and his two sons. Kidnapped Emma Abbadon and tried to ransom her. They however ended up hanged by the “Bishop” of the Teal team under the orders of the Teal King.

The family is ruled now by Lilith Warlonger who is married to the head of the Donner family. Which in truth will lead to the extinction of the Warlonger family if Lilith’s little brother does not come back from his training.

The whereabouts of her little brother are unknown.

Their specific trait is vanishing without a trace, they’re quite dextreous and make for perfect spies those elves, you can’t never trust a knife ear.

The Warlongers also have special builders within their ranks which they borrow to the council from time to time.

The Warlongers Family

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