Mages Tower

The Mages Tower was a joint operation from two political figures. Duncan and Drag’Gul. With exactly 50-50% of ownership split between the two parties.

One was dedicated to raw and mystery of magic. The other turned to black and dark magic of warlockery. The Mage’s tower was mostly used for defensive purposes against the RED Army.

Although bad stuff had happened to Duncan inside the tower. Both him and Drag’gul were ambushed by a cleric named Dindour, who, for unknown reasons, attacked the party. Duncan died in the process as well as Dindour.

Afterwards the Mages Tower was used to spy on the enemy army, but soon after it was taken over by a spirit that called itself Emma Abbadon. What will happen from now on, depends entierely on the shoulders of Drag’Gul.

Mages Tower

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