The Turning of a Chessboard

The start of the Adventure

Four players were given the roles of small council in a province under the king. The seat of the province is a town with population of a few 10 000. Small villages are in area around it as well as four fortifications on the border of the province. Starting soldier count is 300 in the town and 50 in each fort. Small council monitors and controls the province in the name of the king. Town has 10 wealth.

Council members in alphabetic order are:

Docbar- Mighty dragonborn in the role of the general, leader of armies and bringer of acid.
Drag’Gul- Knowledgeable orc in the role of high judge, bringer of law and finder of secrets.
Duncan- Nobel human in the role of chancellor, binder of deals and builder of stability.
Hedarth- Misty half-elf in the role of pathfinder, master of scouts and hand of deception.

Together they work to achieve goals for the realm and for themselves. First and outmost important goal is to prepare for war, which is certainly coming. There would be excellent if enemy “super general” is to be found to undermine their efforts. Council did start to prepare for war in a few ways. First one on the proposition of Duncan was to recruit civilians in the army. Docbar and Drag’Gul were tasked to train them. Docbar because his experience and survival abilities and Drag’Gul to show them his rare magical ways. Hedarth led a successful operation to scout the surroundings and when his scouts returned they revealed new area of the map. Duncan expanded fields to boost production.

Second important task was to elect a prime minister that can veto a bill passed by council members once per month. Prime minister can be elected if at least two members agree on one choice. Role of prime minister was given to Docbar. Hedarth voted for Duncan while Drag’gul voted for Docbar. Because it was a draw Docbar and Duncan were teleported to a mystical place where they entered a rolling competition in which Docbar emerged victorious by a large amount. For his triumph he was reworded the position.

Last main quest was to investigate the disturbance in the south village. Party went there with a small escort and with a grad carriage. Hedarth went before the rest of the party to scout ahead and to report if anything unexpected is happening. He discovered a beholder that sought information from him. After he got the information he headed towards the party and wanted information from Drag’Gul. He got nothing and was killed by party. Village was saved and the job was done.

There were smaller tasks. Hedarth and Drag’Gul went for search of underground to look for strange activities connected with Warlongers, one of three noble families in the town. They came across a strange bartender who agreed to meet them later.

Drag’Gul made a deal with a Kulad family to make use of her sons in recruiting troops and spreading a good word about the council.

In other task Warlonger family was almost eradicated after the incident in which Hedarth shot theirs youngest son by will of high judge. Warlongers were proclaimed guilty, their mansion was turned into barracks and almost all fields confiscated, turned into pasture (stables). Only youngest child survived while others that are not dead are presumed missing.

- By Duncan 2015.-2015.



The start of the Adventure

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