The Turning of a Chessboard

The battle of Teal Fort

The party composed of Davon, Drag’gul and Docbar took to the field against the RED army. Davon had arrived with 10 shapeshifters that pledged their loyalty and service to Docbar. Drag’gul had ordered Davon and Docbar into the nearby reconquered fort.

Drag’gul had problems of his own. He had visited his own Tower of Demise only to discover that the Tower has been taken over by Emma Abbadon, the apprentice Wizard. She had manifested into the tower and has now complete reign over Tower. Drag’gul witnessed her power as she shot laser beams onto the enemy fort. Drag’gul beat a hasty retreat to defeat the enemy invaders.

The army was ready for the siege, but not Drag’gul, he didn’t want a siege, he wanted a massarce. He threw the “blessed” axe he got from Emma into the wall and made it go to smitherenes. The army charged under the leadership of Davon and Drag’gul.

Docbar had decided to a tactic with “wait and see”. Afterwards he charged in with his Minotaur, smashing the enemies fortifications. Only to be blocked by the enemies shield. Docbar has lead the afterwards charge as well.

Davon and Drag’gul faced off against the enemies Peon, A half-orc fighter-barbarian. They had barely survived with 1 HP each and they turned off the enemies warding magic. The fort was now open.

The party reformed and entered the fort with overwhelming odds. They smashed another RED Peon and murdered the RED Peon Wizard that stood in their path, Drag’gul extracted information out of the RED army and the whole Teal army screamed and cheered in unison as their fort has been reclaimed.

Victory to the Teal Team!



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